Make your own felt & button bouquet

If you fancy making your own bouquet then you're going to LOVE this super fun bouquet DIY. As well as being the perfect way to express your creativity, this colourful bouquet will last forever! Building your own felt and button bouquet is a labour of love so take your time.


Supplies needed:
18 gauge floristry wire, green floristry tape, selection of colourful buttons (different sizes), felt balls in lots of different colours, 1m white ribbon, 1/2m decorative ribbon, hot glue gun, zig zag edged netting & pliers.


Step 1:
 Gently tease one of the wires through one of the felt balls, then choose a contrasting button smaller than the felt ball and feed the wire through one of the holes. About 2 inches down the wire bend the wire back on itself with the pliers. Put the wire through the second hole in the button and pull the button to the top of the folded wire. Using a pair of pliers pinch the wire together and push it back through the felt ball. The button should sit neatly on top of the felt ball. With the pliers twist the wire to secure the felt ball and button into position. Continue this process until you have used all your felt balls.


Step 2:
Choose a selection of colourful buttons that compliment your felt balls. Stack them into position using 3 different sizes. You can experiment with the colour combinations until you are happy to start building them into stems for your bouquet.


Step 3:
Grab a piece of wire and place the buttons in a sequence (smallest to largest) onto the wire, again bend the wire 2 inches down and feed the wire through the second hole in the buttons. Push all 3 buttons to the top of the folded wire and with the pliers twist the wire behind to secure the buttons into position.


Step 4:
Keep making button stems and felt ball stems using these directions until you have at least 50 stems in total.


Step 5:
Once all your stems are ready to go, choose which one you want to be in the centre and start adding stems around it by bunching it all together. You can bend the stems slightly to get the desired shape and remember to tape the wires together every so often so you won't loose the shape. Take a look at the bouquet as it grows, keep turning it as you add more and more stems.


Step 6:

Once all your stems are in position and you are happy with the shape grab your cutting pliers and trim the handle to your desired length. Start adding lots of floristry tape wrapping it round the handle and the base to cover the sharp edges. Nearly there!


Step 7:
Time to add the netting, we bought the circular netting with a zig zag edge that's typically used for wedding favours. Its available from most craft stores that have a wedding section. Fold the circle in half and then in a quarter, using the hot glue gun position the netting around the bouquet to hide the wires.  Work your way around the bouquet until all the wires are covered.


Step 8
Next step is to hot glue gun your white ribbon into position at the top of the handle. Spiral it down applying a little glue as you go. Twist the ribbon at the bottom then work your way back up the handle.


Step 9:
Once your happy get the decorative ribbon and apply in the same manner as your base ribbon.To finish off the bouquet choose a stack of 3 buttons and glue at the top of the handle.


Step 10:

All done, you have created your own felt & button bouquet!
Remember - building your own felt & button bouquet is a labour of love! Take your time, spread it out over a week or so. This DIY feature is a small bouquet and requires 50 stems, remember to double this number if you want to make a large bouquet.