What makes us different?

Why choose jamball

Why choose jamball creations?

You may have stumbled across our website via google search or you may have spotted an advert of ours and thought you'd pop by to find out more, either way WELCOME to jamball from the both of us.

 We are a creative husband & wife team who are passionate about our creations. 

Although you've found us we know that there are lots of alternative bouquet makers out there. Some purely specialise in creating button bouquets, others use a mixture of felt & buttons and there are also companies that create simply stunning brooch bouquets. You find yourself lost in a sea of images and you fall in love with every bouquet you see and have a PInterest board filled with never ending different styles and wedding bits every colour of the rainbow. It all gets so muddled and you can't see the bigger picture- that's your own style and how you want things to be just right. 

That's where jamball steps in and gives you a little hand (well two pairs of hands) to sort things out.

felt bouquet

As you are bombarded with a million images of bouquets you still can't manage to find that perfect bouquet that you have in your head. It's simple by choosing jamball creations YOU will become the designer of your own bouquet! We use vintage buttons from our extensive collection to create stunning bespoke designs in your chosen colours to suit your style. The recycled felts we use are available in every colour scheme and are hand-cut to suit. 

You will not see another bouquet quite like the bouquet we can make together. We'll work very close with you, keeping you up to date on a daily basis as it's YOUR bouquet and it's so important for us that we create that dream bouquet that you've imagined. Our designs are all original & created by ourselves, inspired by you and your unique personality & style. 

 And we don't have to stop at just the bouquet - we can make things for the guys too.We are more than happy to design personalised accessories to match your bouquet.

 Below the groom wanted a peacock buttonhole, the best man wanted a panda & the page boys wanted pirate buttonholes- no problem. The tricky bit was to keep the rainbow theme prominent in the bespoke buttonholes.In the end Laura & Joe were delighted with the final items.

button bouquet

Jamball bouquets last forever and can be displayed immediately for all to see and marvel at after your big day. From the very first bouquet we created to the latest all our bouquets (unless you want otherwise) have our unique freestanding design.There is that special part of the ceremony where you sign the register and rather than placing your bouquet on it's side to get squashed we came up with the free standing bouquet design so it can stand proudly next to you both when you sign on the dotted line. 

So choose a jamball bouquet and it will be a bouquet that you have designed yourself and will be an everlasting reminder of the Best Day of your life.xx
Lots of love, light and happiness.

felt & button bouquet

Hope you have enjoyed our blog post, if you have any questions please get in touch.